The above image is intended as a visual follow-up from this post, and its predecessor (in which the illustration on paper is originally shown), in which I listed and analysed the most appealing use of line and the way in which I intended to translate it onto tile.

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grog inclusion

I have been documenting the process of including the coloured grog in my porcelain tiles; here you can see the dry tiles with the grog in them. (Above) on the tile on the right: I added some porcelain slip to the surface after the inclusions were pressed into the face of the tile. (Above) as […]

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Wider influences

In this post I have some long-running crucial visual references for the overall aesthetic of my work, be it 2-dimensional, or 3-dimensional, in fabric, porcelain, or alcohol marker. Klimt, though famous for his paintings with gold, has a way of reducing figures to essential lines, yet his figures manage to retain their sense of weight. […]

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Growing trees on tile

As mentioned previously in my post on the influence of the aesthetic and practices of Morris & Co. on my own work this term, I am searching for an innovative way in which I can produce my “wallpaper-like” tiles to have a sense of continuous movement, almost like that of real plants.¬† I have found […]

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