Summative PDP

This year, my work has gone from carving organic shapes into plaster (Skill 1) with a lino cutter in order to produce relief designs when pressed against porcelain slabs, and culminated in thrown vessels upon which I directly sandblasted one-of-a-kind relief designs using a new technique demonstrated to me by Duncan (Skill 2), which I […]

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PP: Live Application

Prof Practice: apprenticeship and/or residential applications; plans for next year including restoring works (contacted FJ Hutchinson, no apprenticeships) Websites visited which led to me choosing this one: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I went through resartis’s residencies, and the british council’s arts opportunities, where I found some UK-China ops; similarly, artquest’s opportunities section, where I saw the […]

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Artist Statement

My work focuses on the use of surface: through decoration and functional choices alike, we communicate meaning to both ourselves and to others – my medium of choice is ceramics, but more specifically porcelain, for its challenging nature. I believe that if one aims to exert full control the clay, it denies the material itself a […]

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Technical Work

I initially thought that my technical work was to be solely glaze-based; I came to realise, however, through my work on raised surfaces throughout the year, that this had become the technical project I set out for myself. My work in bas-relief began with the creation of a seamless, rolling, cylindrical plaster surface; this gave […]

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In this week’s tutorial with Claire Curneen, we discussed the use of a new and specific technique inspired by the works of Takeshi Yasuda (his website, and an image of one of his works below), with the aim of creating a more unusual and fluid vessel form. Yasuda’s work, but especially his earlier oeuvre, has […]

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