Lecture notes:

Things that stuck with me. 

Ingrid Murphy spoke about Gartner’s Cycle: this image is all through ideas and tech. It’s brilliant. 

Unfold from Antwerp made a gestural interface: to make an item, the maker hacked his Kinect and used it as a depth scanner.

Mixing form like we’ve remixed sound. Digital files afford scale


3D printing a moth’s flight once tracked

Writing code and making iterative code (You can start off an algorithm and then it keeps going on its own)

Sintering: using heat to fuse things together – using the sun to sinter form out of sand in the sahara – Markus Kaysar.

Our relationship to the phone is based on our attachment to what it enables us to do

We only call it technology if it was made after we were born

David Owen – a buoy sending data about waves in the Pacific. Somewhere. In the Pacific. The display showing waves synthesised in real time. 

Using QR code in conjunction with ceramics. Making the data online: a multifaceted, multidimensional identity. Allowing an object to act as a portal to information.

AR plates: interactive tableware

Can we enhance experience of an object?

Embedded feed of others touching a pot when you touch it?

We need to get with people in computing bcs we do not have sufficient knowledge!

The borders of knowledge the forefront

You can follow the work

User-generated content…

The concept of hacking history

The semantic web not about user generated content

You walk past a sign and your phone communicates to the sign that you like X so it advertises similar.

The Internet of Things: object to object communication. When objects start talking to each other they should have somethings interesting to say

IOT recipes: I want this sensor when X comes on then do Y and Z happens. It has to do something g purposeful

What do these objects do and say and why?

Using collaborative work about two fields which then you link through context

Lustre on a concave surface making the world around it inside

People find jiggling Porcelain lids very unnerving

Celebration of the failure that led to the success of today



RFID tag

How materials turn into form

Understanding enriches adds value

Looking at electronics not as a secret silver box but as a bunch of code!


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