Receiving the Project Brief 

The importance of using what we know and combining it in unpredictable ways has been brought up multiple times.  This is no coincidence.  Dave Trot and Steve Jobs were mentioned (by Olwen in her opening speech to first years), the former having written of the latter that the combining of old ideas, making new connections – was what lead to new and exciting ideas.  A wide range of experiences enables a single person to make unexpected combinations.

Unpredictable information is that which you wouldn’t naturally be drawn to.  Finding out more about what you like is predictable, and comfort with ambiguity allows for the new to spring up.

When you know where you want to go, then you have to think of how you can get there.

There’s Many a Slip” (‘twixt cup and lip)

This is the project brief title.  The proverb itself is about realising that things can go wrong even when the outcome seems unmistakably fail-safe and/or foolproof.

It’ll be interesting to look into “material stories”.  Properties of certain materials, and the elements of their functionality (e.g. fur teacup: Meret Oppenheimer’s Object)

Maybe look at the ergonomics of a cup a beaker eg the beaker people etc and

Things to keep in mind: how does decoration affect how we understand/perceive/appreciate an object?  It is important to utilise what you value; overlap projects, and evolve ideas!  Immerse yourself in opportunities to test, experiment, and make mistakes.


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