Pop-Up Shop and oso_polar

There’s going to be a Ceramics Pop-Up shop in the Heart Space on the 2nd and 3rd of December.

I’m very excited about this… I think I might make jewellery which will draw from the current themes I am exploring in my work, namely texture and slips?  Well, if I’m not too busy.  As this will probably not use much porcelain, I’d like to use some of the extra to perhaps make some toys, incorporating fabric and pillow stuffing for the main body, whereas the clay would form the limbs and face. The work of OSO POLAR has always been a huge inspiration to me and I’d like to take this as a chance to explore such a process myself, using porcelain rather than polymer clay. I think the sensual and visual effect will likely be quite different.

Above: my favourite photographs from their Flickr.

I’ve already agreed with Frances that we’ll split a bag of porcelain clay between us, as we have to pay for the clay materials ourselves. We’ll be using Royale Porcelain.


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