!!Project Ideas

Things which need further development

  • Dead seagull in the freezer (1 Nov) project and taxidermy. Want to make it so it looks asleep and nestled cosily? or awake and angry? a mix?? Death is a long sleep -after all, one fatal ‘slip’ is all it takes, right? discuss with Gemma. No enormous rush as we do have to wait two weeks anyway for all bacteria to die.
  • This allows us to study the anatomy better and to learn about feathers and bettering our design. Eg is it at all possible for us to use actual wings and add those to a doll or is this just in poor taste? Too far?
  • Designing a bird/seagull doll
  • Talking about excitement re: porcelain stain in clay and implications on its use for the animals’ limbs; using different percentages of stain for a more gradual fade into darker colour especially the grey and the orange stains
  • Looking at functional non-functionals – a fish head in porcelain that detaches as a cup from its material body through use of string or buttons

A previous note on misc ceramic stuff reads as follows:

-Hand carving into plaster

-Light through thin porcelain like the candle thing

-Copper red glazes will pull away from the edge. Using a light sw body

-Putting a lump of clay under a board on the wheel head and throwing normally so that when you take it off the whole thing leans!

-Plastic card profile cut and then using on the wheel

-Making lidded jars

-First having it as an closed form then when leather hard cutting that


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