IKEA project ii

When the Ikea project was mentioned, I knew I’d be challenging the extremely functional nature of the plate: I wanted a flat surface to decorate, yet I wanted to make people feel uncomfortable.

And then it occurred to me… that yes, maybe aroused would be discomfort enough- to make people look at the plates and think of ‘normal paintings in art’, paintings a certain genre. An entire genre is dedicated to the female nude. I wanted to examine this. What does combining a functional object and a decorative design – thus perhaps producing a decorative object – become when the plates are then instead used functionally again?
Having the option to wall-mount the plates in the series of three to show the complete and erotically-charged image of the nude female body OR allowing these plates to be used separately, metaphorically mutilating the vulnerable form, covering it, clothing it with food but stripping it away yet again with knife and fork??

How uncomfortable is that??


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