Misc Info. Update

misc info, really.

Re: Yasuda film re China.  It was a very interesting documentary in Japanese about the Japanese potter yasuda recruiting helpers in China and making pots there. Nick told me about it.  I really enjoyed watching it.

Making a series of maquette toys? Message-bearing?? The creature has the message necklace? That allows the creature to become a vessel for communication. Similarly, it is possible for a person to become the vessel of communication with the necklace, whose message is passed on.?

Natasha’s talk on the 2016 Green Man Festival: a connection with the Earth, a Pagan joy, a sense of community with others.

A Week later we went to Ely to dig up a LITERAL tonne of clay.
Considering the summer holiday period already and what skills we want to develop ie shop and management skills.
Matt gave us our kiln induction the other day and there were also slip and hand building workshops which were really informative (look at Marek and Laura’s posts for extra notes on this?)


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