What’s the difference between these two pictures? Today in Constellation we discussed Embodied Knowledge and what in means in our day to day lives. 

One of the pictures of the wheel was made without the visual knowledge of the object (left), whereas the second (right) was. Observation of the object in a purely visual sense meant better understanding the physical properties of the item.

Did the object have colour before I saw it? In my mind, the object which had only a physical property of touch was a grey colour. When I saw it, instead, its true property of colour was a light brown/ beige. The imagined and presupposed colour was not so different from the physical property.

In class, the ocularcentrism of our contemporary image culture was brought up, and Pallasma’s theories regarding it were also discussed at length. The visual way of knowing the world without our bodies (literally and metaphorically) is what we must seek to unlearn and re-navigate.


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