(Outside of my) Field

Day one of field. 

Yesterday: ‘Getting to know you’ group workshops and clapping game.

Teamwork skills.  I think.  As a group we weren’t particularly enthusiastic or impressed.  Everyone wanted to get on with things.

Day two: everyone was assigned a brief and then a group at the Chapter arts centre, then the specific brief.

These were my notes:
Notes i Notes ii

We then split off into our groups to discuss how to approach the brief; Joel’s visual concept..

It was exciting but also stressful to work in a team.  There were challenges faced and overcome.  Somewhere along the line.  Mostly we wanted to do the project and be over with it.  Not the most positive of attitudes to be sure, but it worked for us.  A lot of the other groups lost hope in a most depressing way.

Field album.


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