Current Inspiration

Re-examining the strengths in my current body of work, I think that it would be interesting for me to transpose my life drawing from paper onto clay. I could use the new techniques I learnt from Anne Gibbs’s workshops (posts one and two) on using traditional monoprinting techniques on ceramic surfaces. 

I have a series of raku-clay ware which I have bisque fired, and am keen to keep the outside of these vessels free of glaze, as their texture was carefully made to text their elastic limit. I want to try oxides as my pencils.

Images to draw ideas from:
Bowl inspo Bowl inspo
Bowl inspo Bowl inspo
Inspo Insp

I am interested in combining transfers and these techniques.  The visual and haptic textures of these look really nice??

Laura Carlin‘s work (pictured below) really struck me when I visited the Vanguard Court studios in London, as her highly illustrative style speaks to me in a clear and ringing tone.
Yay Yay


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