New Life (drawing)

Today I spent three hours doing life drawing. The full set of images can be found in the Flickr album.
I felt like after today’s efforts, I finally made a kind of breakthrough, after spending a lot of time feeling confused and frustrated, and quite frankly, sort of stuck. I want to incorporate this 2D technique with my 3D ceramics work, and I want to do so in a way that allows people to experience my work spacially. I think the way to do this will be through textured/domed wall-mounted tiles, arranged so that together they make an image, and distort it when not seen from face-on.

I want to explore this idea because it excites me.

I want to use coloured slip on tile in the same way that I use diluted inks on my paper work.

I want to grab back the energy I felt at the beginning of this term.


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