Tx2: working to an end goal

Some thoughts on how to square off forms once off the wheel. We are considering combining that with Lucy Rie-like lines for surface pattern.

We’ll continue with the project together and bring it to completion!

We then decided that we will be coil-building the pots.
It felt good to refresh my memory of the technique, as I prefer to throw on the wheel (and because of the clay used – crank – throwing was out of the question!)
Lucy and I will finish the project together, using lines to highlight form.

In other news: look how LUSH these are! one and two by Lisa Bloomfield.

We’ve been looking at Jin Eui Kim’s optical-illusion vases.
The CSAD MA graduate did a demonstration in the department last Saturday and I was there all the way from 10:30 til five in the afternoon! Man, what a ride!

These are the notes I made.  Scans from my notebook below:
Jin Eui Kim Notes I Jin Eui Kim Notes II

Lucy and I are also investigating how line and form work together in the Art world in the larger context, especially concerning architecture and ceramics.  Looking at Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev building was thrilling.


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