Stone Lithography and Copperplate Etching

I learned the entire process for Stone Lithography.  It’s a lengthy, and energy-intensive sequence!!  Especially THE PRESS!!  I think it might actually be too much for me.  Hopefully I can try my hand at screen-printing next term…

Sketchbook pages related to the Stone Lithography workshop notes, compiled, and the resulting prints.

Thursday 17th’s Copperplate technique.

Doing these two workshops has helped me to expand my skill base, and I’d like to see what else I can do with this combination of techniques and knowledge at my fingertips..

I recently bough a wooden fabric stamp, for clothes, from a larger shipment of similarly used Indian fabric stamps.  It is beautiful in its own right, and perhaps I can use it for clay too, or take some inspiration from it?  Exciting stuff either way!


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