Series, Collections, Multiples (inc Shell Bowls)

I love collections of items. They always baffle me in he best way possible. They are chosen and displayed to be together, meticulously arranged. Just before the end of term, I took out the cardboard box that had been sitting under my deskspace since quite possibly late January.

This short video of many porcelain bowls on the surface of moving water, clinking, reminds me of what I love about series and multiples.

Shell Bowls

The above image (which links to the dedicated Flickr album) of some of my own Shell Bowls, complete with the Red Iron-rich Ely clay, are part of a larger whole (see image below).


I think Molly Hatch’s plate paintings also capture a similar emotion, with the empty spaces between the plates feeling as key to the overall effect as the plates themselves.

So: here are photos of the contents of the box, displayed in a very organised manner.  Anne Gibbs noted my obsessive collective tendencies, and looking at these pictures it is impossible to deny.  Enjoy this series of river slate, to be included in a Tea for Two tea set.



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