Falling in Love with Raku All Over Again

Well, I knew it would happen!! Ever since I did those two raku firings for the first time last year, I knew it would be a method I’d come back to.

Having had the opportunity in January of this year (or perhaps it was late last year?) to try out the raku kilns at CSAD, I became inducted, and can now do the firings in company unsupervised.

I’m really REALLY looking forward to the firing a week today, and have been looking up various techniques and artists to inspire my work.

Nick Pearce’s Ice Floe teapot had a very interesting glaze crawl that reminded me of raku firing.

Takashi Endo‘s squared vases thrilled me with their simple but sublime forms.

Simcha Even-Chen’s Wave series with their rhythmic curves and straight lines absolutely fascinated me.  As I’ve mentioned previously, the space where curve and line coincide greatly interests me insofar as it describes the shape in a new way.

Similarly, I loved this video illustrating a potter decorating their raku works with horse hair. It’s always seemed ethereal to me.

Jong Min Lee’s delicately carved vases really made an impression on me with their undulating waves just on the surface of the white vase.  It feels like he pulls back the skin of the pot to reveal sinew and muscle, a dissection of a pot:


Then Floris Wubben with the assistance of the Cor Ceramics Studio made some spectacular erosion pots which I became immediately fond of. Pictured below:


While this pot (featured in the Ceramicartsdaily article on raku firing) was particularly visually appealing to me, with its colours:


I really like this little vase/beaker by Inger Rokkjaer too.  Delicate and simple.

A beautiful pot shared on British Studio Pottery Collectors (facebook) by Jack Doherty.



I really love the above image, as it looks abstract and pure and complex, all at once. Jack Doherty has some very interesting thoughts and insights regarding his use of White Porcelain as his main clay body.


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