SWOT Analysis

Here is my SWOT analysis of how the Tea for Two project has gone!!

As a pair, did we have a manifesto? Divergence? Issues? I will discuss this below.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Strengths – strong visual and general concept; we had a wide range of ideas but we managed to narrow it down.  We reflected through discussion about the strong points of what we wanted to include in our overall design, and kept at it!

Weaknesses – organisation and timing overall were the main issues we encountered and I feel like this was mostly my fault? I have to work on myself regarding this!  Otherwise initially we had too many ideas, and maybe this slowed us down at the beginning of the project, as we weren’t sure how to start.

Opportunities – be both had the chance to do Anne Gibbs’s workshop.  Working with another person is something I generally avoid doing, so the opportunity to work with Lucy was a (personal) challenge.  We communicated visually and through text logs in the facebook messenger app, which was useful for organising when we’d be in the same place to work on the TX2 project together.  It was more enjoyable than I anticipated, and brought up new possibilities.

and Threats – at one point we lost a bowl after firing? we didn’t know where it was! … Kiln schedules were generally very painful to organise.  Focus was difficult to retain because of other projects which had to be completed concurrently (namely Subject and Constellation).

What I learnt about myself from the experience was that I certainly see myself as more of a hands-on maker.  I like to design things and prototype them, and make them again.  I don’t like to dwell for too long at any stage of the process, as I lose momentum.  I think this was a very important lesson to learn!


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