Subject PDP

Having worked on (the seagull) animal form for a while, non-stop, I’ve figured that the monotony of working on one singular piece is a lot more boring to me compared to the swift and repetitive joy I get from working on a series of separate pieces.  These can then come together as a whole, like the bowls I made in response to the Field module (Tea for two) do. I prefer to experiment in simple ways on a group of multiples. Going into next year, I’ll want to explore this further.  I also want to do analysis on my use of glazes, as I chose to focus more on form and texture this year, and I firmly believe that using a glaze would quite literally have ‘glossed over’ the hard work I did to bring texture to the forefront of my pieces.

I think I managed to clearly outline my goals in my statement of intent, but the central theme to my work involves my deep interest in touch, texture, surface, and form.  It is this interest which allows for these separate key elements to come together in my work and for them to be explored both individually and as a dynamic group.

Using multiples as a way to explore a Series, as I did with my Shell Bowls (see further here), the similar, more height-orientated small bisqued works I threw and turned more recently are an important turning-point in my practice.  Whereas the earlier shell bowls are more organic and free on the surface, and their undersides carefully geometric, the bisqued vases and cups retain their sense of movement in the very lip of the cup, while the rest of the form is far more controlled.

Similarly, my approach to surface has been somewhat abstracted from the use of a form, with my work on the IKEA plates and the tiles produced in Anne Gibbs’s workshop as my two main examples. I have found through my previous work with decals that more complex surfaces with curves tend to distort an image, and thus I am more interested in displaying a complex image on a simple surface, such as a plate or tile.

Through my use of different media (plain, single-colour water-transfer type decals cut using a scalpel, and print, respectively), different outcomes are made possible, and I find myself greatly looking forward to trying my hand at screen printing next year: to see what new possibilities are available with such a technique.  My continued interest in illustration has not flagged this year, with my careful attendance of Life Drawing sessions and drawing from life giving me ample material to think about. I think working more with transfers next year could also be on the cards.

I’ve greatly enjoyed this year and have felt motivated to practice my throwing technique all year round, especially since I was able to help out in Margo‘s classes.  I’m excited for next year – I still have so much yet to try!


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