Week two: In which things are just fine

On Monday, Mahnaz spoke to us about objects in the Ken Stradling collection. At lunchtime a competition brief for the community garden outside of D block was handed out to interested parties. I received the name of my plant which was Lemon Verbena.
Wednesday was spent in the library.
I threw some new pots on the wheel.
On Thursday I did not go to the Ken Stradling exhibition due to personal limitations; I have since caught up on the information I missed by not going on that trip.
On Friday morning I went to a screen printing workshop in the print studio and I now have a basic understanding of how it works. I am excited to apply this knowledge to ceramics.
Helen Clifford spoke about the upcoming Made In Roath events over the coming weekend and following week. Last year MiR had been an educational experience for me and this year I would be exhibiting some of my work with some graduate and some current ceramics students.
On Saturday I went to set up the space together with these people.

Flickr album.


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