Week four: in which things are visually stunning

On Tuesday, we began the field module of Sculpting from Life with our lovely ceramics tutor, Natasha Mayo. We started off the day by doing life drawing excercises with Pip as our model.

We drew 10-second poses in charcoal, the medium on which we were focusing for the day. Charcoal, Natasha said, is an excellent medium with which to study motion and tension. We progressed to 3/5-minute poses, then 10-minute poses, and finally a half-hour pose, for which I used watercolours. I greatly enjoyed using the watercolours wet-on-wet as it is a technique which requires a lot of time and patience. It was very rewarding.

Life drawing Nov '16

Using charcoal allowed for a different approach to material use in the life drawing sessions.  I combined it with large gestural marks in alcohol marker (see above), to illustrate weight and movement within the charcoal body.  The swiftness of some of the poses challenged my flexibility as an artist to create not a Finished Image, but an image with which I was happy, in a limited timeframe.

Later in the day we (re)visited the Drawing Inspirations exhibition at Craft in the Bay, and this time I focused most on Christie Brown’s work as it was highly figurative.

On Thursday, Claire gave a wonderful talk about her work, and the visual development of it. I relished the opportunity to see her sketchbooks and was captivated by her drawing style.  I took a lot of photos for my own reference, and I do not feel it is fair to her for me to share them.  This was one of my favourites.


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