Week five: in which many things occur

On Monday I discussed with Duncan in the tutorial the Ken Stradling object around which to form an analytical reflection: the adjustable shelving unit.
I’m interested in the meta-discussion which arises from the way the shelving unit is able to cater to outside objects by being non-specific in its own nature.  In the object’s non-finality, its unfixed nature, it can frame other work in a tailored way in which usual shelving cannot. It allows for a kind of mental isolation from the rest of the collection: for a person to look at the curation of a collection of items within a space, within a larger space, within a collection.

A group of bowl designs I drew:

Bowls designs

Thus, my interest in how one displays a collection of a series (such as my own natural group of Porcelain bowls) of items within a small, perhaps even domestic space, is projected into this context.

I developed a deep interest in how a still object can remain full of movement – such as Melissa Mancini‘s bowl with paper-like quality. I’m going to carry this idea forward in my work.

On Tuesday there was more life drawing. Then Wednesday was spent all day making a mask face to do with ourselves. I loved every minute of it. It was very mellow and exploratory.

Head design

head in progress

November content

After we made the heads, I did some drawings loosely based around the head which Marek had sculpted.

Head studies after Marek's head

Later on in the week there was Made by Hand, where I assisted at the Showdown. I helped people throw pots on the wheel for the first time, and also took part in one of the Challenges.


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