Week Six: existence itself

Monday was cancelled this week due to a scheduling error in which my being ill over the weekend continued quite rudely into the next day.

On Tuesday, I went to life drawing with Pip which was wonderful and fascinating as ever. I then put details on some small bowls which I have been working on as part of the reaction to an item from the Ken Stradling Collection. The bowls would be put on a shelving unit just of the right dimensions which would make use of the special, flexible nature of the String Shelf.

On Wednesday I finished the paperwork required for the January Work Experience Field module. Hopefully all will go well.

On Thursday I threw some bowls. I also poured plaster into the form I’d sewn together (for Field).

Plaster cast of canvas head

Plaster cast of canvas head

On Friday there was Constellation. The class discussion was interesting, if somewhat sparse, but the tutorial afterwards, with a handful of people, was illuminating in giving me the push I needed to start thinking about what direction I wanted to take my essay. So far I’m thinking of: Lore and Folk knowledge vs Science kind of a thing.


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