Week 7: in which Tuesday’s Life Drawing is Cancelled

Tuesday seemed to hold an air of promise when I set off to CSAD in the morning, but it turned out the day had a lot more in store for me than I was prepared to shelve. We went to the library for a full day of discussion on how best to make use of the resources available to us. It was certainly illuminating, and I made notes for future use. 

On Thursday we made legs for the Figurative Field module, taught by Natasha. She showed us various ways in which one could model legs, and showed us her method, which was to make a sort of sewing pattern but FOR CLAY. I thought this was absolutely the bees’ knees. 

I drew some work around the subject: https://flic.kr/p/PxfhWg blue and white is very important already in the drawing phase. 

November content

On Friday we had to think up a way in which we could exhibit the heads and legs and related illustrations in small groups so that they formed an exhibition in the Foyer space. 

November content


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