Week 8: in which our brave protagonist faces his fears and enters the glaze room

I mixed up two glazes on Monday for use on small porcelain houses I made to use as glaze tests.  

November content

This was after painful group work setting up an exhibition thing for field. I single-handedly brought downstairs all of the group-agreed items for display (Lizzie is not at fault here, she contributed well on the previous group work occasion and couldn’t make it to the set-up with good reason) and set them up in the space. Then the two others who had no excuse for their tardiness showed up and shuffled things around a bit. It was like pulling teeth.

November content

November content

On Thursday there was the drawing symposium for which we made the legs and temporary exhibition. I got to meet Christie Brown and say how much I admired her work, and saw mr Heeley throw and turn pots; I made some notes on throwing with porcelain- I really needed the reminder(!!); Michael Flynn remembered me from the summer exhibition, which was nice! I showed him my life drawing work. 

I made two reactions on terracotta clay with slip to the talks given by a) Christie Brown 

November content

and b) Mr Heeley.

November content


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