Week 9

On Wednesday evening, I went into the department to throw and turn some pots in peace. I enjoyed this.  On Thursday I went with the Figurative Field module on a trip to see the Turner prize at the Tate Britain:

I thought that the ways in which the different artists explored their concepts through their craft was certainly worth the time of going to see the Turner Prize: The photographic tables by Josephine Pryde were visually striking(1), and reminded me of a V&A  exhibition “Shadowcatchers” from some years ago which I had adored; Michael Dean’s textured faux-text (2) was certainly eyebrow-raising, it was visually very busy; I really enjoyed the randomness of Helen Marren’s work, but particularly the ‘legs’ (3).  They had humour to them. I did not feel much looking at Anthea’s work (4), it really failed to elicit a reaction from me.


Turner Prize, V&A


Turner Prize, V&A


Turner Prize, V&A


Turner Prize, V&A

and then to the V&A, where we saw the artist in residence,

Bethan Lloyd Worthington!

The album of photographs I took can be found here. Now that I had a much better idea of the qualities I was looking for in a celadon, I was able to discern exactly which kind of glaze truly fascinated me.

Turner Prize, V&A

I will be doing work using lino tools to make indentations in surfaces, so that when I (hopefully eventually make) a glaze with the right depth to it, it will pick out the indented lines poetically.


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