Week 9: Weekend

I revisited the Victoria and Albert museum on Saturday in order to see the Opus Anglicanum exhibition (on medieval embroidery).

I really like embroidery, and would classify myself as a multidisciplinary artist (below, some sashiko mending embroidery that I applied to a 3-D surface – jeans!),

Sashiko stitch jeans repair. Begun and completed 28/11

so this was a chance to see some incredibly historic and highly skilled work. As my grandma is a textile historian, I have come across similarly embroidered Vatican robes before and they have not lost their appeal – I was not disappointed!!!

It also reminded me of the work of Alice Kettle ❤ she is great.

From the Opus Anglicanum exhibition at the V&A

From the Opus Anglicanum exhibition at the V&A

(Above) I drew a couple of the most fascinating angelic figures I saw, and noted down the names associated with some amazing brass rubbings. A wonderful quality of line!!

I’ve brought some Lino tools back with me from London so that I can carve into bowls or tiles or other objects I make – hopefully the glazes I am mixing will do good justice to visual depth.


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