New year, Same me (stall day 1/3)

Today I held a stall table of my very own for the first time at CSAD!  It is peak Interview Season, so there were many people around – very loud and busy, indeed.

Having sold others’ works at stalls of their making previously, I looked through some albums of photographs I took at various ceramics and craft fairs to see what made a successful stall.  Then I set up my own stall accordingly.

Things I have noted as important for every time: 

  • a decent weight cloth for desssing the table, which goes with the theme of the work displayed (e.g. Rustic)
  • separate sections for different items, including a raised section
  • Grouping or arranging items in a way which encourages people to see how they might display the items themselves
  • having Change ahead of time
  • having paper for packing
  • putting a quantity of stock under the table, never having a crowded table-top
  • business cards prominently displayed
  • Having a portfolio or display book on the table, OPEN.

It was interesting for me to see what most piqued people’s attention at my stall. The more illustrated work in white and blue sold well, and all of the customers were people from the art school, both staff and students!!  Visitors enjoyed the ‘cute’ delicacy of my small work, and I think this was well enhanced by the diminutive succulents and moss that I put in my small work.

Pictures below!

My stall ✨

My stall ✨

From this experience, I feel I have learned that people really liked the small linework on my pots – it would be a small step to make some slightly larger, surface-illustrated animal cast forms: I feel like those would be very successful.


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