Stall: day 2/3

The second day of stall-holding went pretty well!

Again, I opened my stall at 0900 (maybe people feel richer in the morning, or maybe they are still light-headed from sleep? Maybe they are more optimistic?) and closed up shop around 1700(?) – an important note here on long opening hours being: some folks see work in the morning and promise to return and purchase something later. Maaaany of these are empty promises, HOWEVER!! some people do come back, so patience is incredibly valuable. 

I found out that people responded keenly and with enthusiasm to openness regarding commission work, so I’ll be following up on an open commission with one lady 🙂

Otherwise, things of note: people tended to buy in batches of two or three Plant-inclusive pots. I displayed them in groups to suggest that they be bought as such. Purchases were made in price bands: £6-8, £12-16, and £20-24. The comparatively expensive items (buttons for £10/ set of 8, tiles for £12, and brooches for £14), as opposed to the £6-8 pots, did not sell at all. Tiles, indeed, sell best when they are the Comparatively Cheap Item at a stall of expensive vases or bowls. 

I have been writing my mobile number onto my business cards when I give them to people. I always put a card with my product. 


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