A week at PSAD!

I’m very lucky to be spending this week at the Putney School of Art and Design as an assistant tutor and technician. This meant helping out Andrew (the main technician at PSAD) by busying myself in the kiln room assisting Adam (kiln technician). In the morning we unloaded both the recently fired kilns of their bisque and stoneware firings.

At morning breaktime, I sat down with two bowls (which had been disastrously stuck to their respective thin bat-washed tiles due to an overly runny temmoku) with a dremel in hand. I managed to get the tiles off the bowls and it was very satisfying work, though it took a lot of patience.

Then Adam and I packed the bisque kiln with new greenware, and started a new firing.

At lunchtime, I ran a small photocopying errand for Hazel (ceramics tutor), after carrying some bags of porcelain up the stairs for her class.

After that, I sorted all of the kiln props by size, and then Adam and I packed the stoneware kiln – there were not enough pieces for it to be fired, so we closed the door.

PSAD 1/5

Afterwards, we packed the gas kiln, which was outside. It was very cold outside!! The fog today was very thick.

PSAD 1/5

Last night I also experimented by making some small birds out of airdry clay. They’re larger than I like to size things usually, but I’ve made them with the intention of making plaster casts of them, to use porcelain as my casting material of choice, seeing that it shrinks by up to 17% in the firing process!

Birds in airdry clay


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