Putney: day 3

Today I started my day by cleaning the kiln room and the glaze room. Dust from greenware and glazes gets everywhere, so it is important to clean the shelves often.

Upstairs, I helped out Regina (the ceramics tutor for Wednesdays) by assisting one of her students with her centering (in French, no less! This took a lot of brain power lemme tell you). She was already capable, but was needing some more teacher-directed practice.

Having done that, I cleaned up shelves in the throwing room, and recycled two plaster bats’ worth of mixed body clay.

Then I helped another student tackle the most practical way to open up a bowl. After this, I shared yesterday’s glaze research with Regina and two interested students. Regina was thrilled that I had found a base kairagi recipe and was keen to better understand the porosity-based nature of glaze crackling.

In the later afternoon, I threw some large porcelain bowls as demonstration work of Kikuneri (spiral wedging) and of the specific intricacies of throwing with porcelain (short working time, need for slurry vs water due to high porosity).

Large thrown porcelain bowl

Porcelain thrown and altered work (large)


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