Putney: day 4

Having done a throwing demonstration last night, I completed two of the three surviving pots by doing a turning demo of them on the wheel; one of them broke at the rim, as it was somewhat uneven in its distribution of weight. 

I helped out students with questions about glazes and throwing. 

For the rest of the day, I was assigned to help the Main Office by sorting through all of their printed receipts and sorting them by class, rather than alphabetically. This was a very long-winded process. I sorted through all of the receipts, but was not sorting though all of the classes, so a large proportion of the receipts were not for the specific classes for which I was looking. 

I did this for a number of hours. It was administrative work, and I would much rather have been transcribing everything into an Excel spreadsheet, as unfortunately, most of everything was handwritten, and only a portion of the classes listed students alphabetically. 


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