Putney: last day, day 5

Today I sat in on Eithne Healy’s Sculpture from Life (life drawing and sculpture) class. It was illuminating to watch her at work with the students, and her methods for speaking with them and handling their queries. The students were always engaged with their subject and enthusiastic.

Putney 5/5

The focus was to observe a skeleton and later the Life model (whose name was Roy) as much as possible, looking at the paper as little as possible.

Putney 5/5

She talked about using your left hand to create ‘untrained’ lines. It was very refreshing and created marks I had not produced on paper before with my right hand!

Putney 5/5

Eithne advised me that she aims to be leading people to try different things, without doing the thing for them (something I had seen done on another day). She emphasised the importance of getting around to everyone and to stretch students’ ambitions and experiences both inside and outside of the art school environment.

I weighed and paid for the two bowls I completed to be bisque fired, so I’ll hopefully bring those to Cardiff to be glazed!

Putney 5/5

The bisque work collection area!

Putney 5/5


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