Canterbury: day 1

It’s been an incredibly busy day today! I had few concerns about returning where I spent the last two years of my secondary schooling – I had greatly liked the location and the teachers, so I was feeling positive!

Starting at 0825, I met the first of several groups of students who I will hopefully be teaching and advising over the next week. We spoke about how to prepare sketchbooks for art school, as I had brought along my own sketchbook from two years ago.

Other things I brought: two more recent sketchbooks full of life drawings from my first year at CSAD, some of my preferred art supplies, and my pottery tools and apron(s).

I was introduced to and spoke with further students later, and I went through students’ current sketchbooks with them one on one.

I had a greatly motivating conversation with the entire art department on the subject of my dissertation!!! Will mention this properly later.

After lunch I spoke with more students later about how to generate design ideas when stuck for how to glaze a pot, and about their projects and where they might consider taking them. I suggested artists relevant to the specific students’ needs and interests, and felt so helpful and knowledgeable 🙂 History of Art has beeninctrdibly useful in informing my own practice so far and I was really grateful for the knowledge with which it afforded me in how it helped me think of artists which might interest the children.

In the evening, there was an extracurricular life drawing session to which I was invited. The current model was away so a staff member (fully clothed, naturally) stepped in (literally).

The resulting image, in forty minutes, with which Mike was pleased and took home.

Canterbury: The Beadle, portrait (Letraset marker pens, pencil, biro)


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