Canterbury: Day 4

In the morning, I focused on helping Jess again with throwing on the wheel. The clay was so rough, I was worried it would put the poor dear off, but they soldiered on!!

Jess’s friend and classmate Deuce expressed an interest in being taught the basics of throwing a pot similar to Jess’s, so I took this opportunity to suggest that it be Jess to teach Deuce (teaching a skill you have just learned uses a different part of the brain from doing the thing yourself, and so helps a person to practice the skill better themselves), while I would supervise them. Jess found that the amount of patience involved in allowing a person to make their own mistakes, and the guidance required to describe in multiple ways an action to be carried out by another’s hand, was not something they were quite prepared for! The two worked very hard to make a little pot, and I was immensely proud of both of them.

In the afternoon, I assisted the penultimate year students in glazing and finishing off their work.

The kiln /glaze room:

KSC day1-4

The evening before, I threw a few pots on the wheel after Isabelle left. I carried out a demonstration of turning footrings to the students in the afternoon, to show them different ways one can finish off a pot.

The pots in question:

KSC day1-4


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