Canterbury: Day 5, and farewells

In the morning I helped Julie unpack the kilns; the bowls I had glazed came out really well, and I rubbed indian ink into the cracks of the crackle glaze, so that the cracks would be more visible.  The students were all very impressed, bless them. I love teaching.

KSC friday

KSC friday

Julie took a picture of me doing that.

KSC friday

After lunch, the art staff and I all sat in the art department staff room and talked about the subject of my dissertation, careers, and possible future employment. They said they would miss me very much and could they have me full time, how will we manage without him. …it was very kind, and I was greatly moved. I will miss them too.

In the afternoon, I spoke with students about their goals out of school, post-graduation, how to efficiently plan their projects, and looked at their sketchbooks with them.

In the late afternoon, there were the afterschool clubs, and I helped students manage the logistics of heavy work, and the practicalities of using clay.


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