Working at CSAD: helping

On Monday I helped Martin in the Artist Designer Maker department but cutting squares out of glossy card and assembling them, so that he could have multiple examples of interesting paper-based light fixtures.

It was a very time-consuming thing, and a lot of very focus-heavy work to cut the measured squares from the large sheets of card, to then score them and cut them precisely, and to later put them together to form a cohesive mass, so he was grateful for my help.

The book from which the patterns came was Hiroshi Ogawa’s “The Art of Papercraft”.

Some notes from the book:

Martin Monday

complex lantern shapes:

Martin Monday

the shapes I was cutting (both 6x6cm squares) and the intended result:

Martin Monday

the result:

Martin Monday

I was thrilled by the overall effect achieved, and learned that not all teaching is about the students – sometimes you have to say “Here’s one I made earlier”, and hope they understand what it means.


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