Working at CSAD: Resources

For Subject, I’m still investigating the different celadon recipes; there’s a reduction firing on Friday, so I will receive some of my glazed work a week from now!!!! GOOD HEAVENS!!!

I am currently working on a resource whereby students can scan a QR code in the department, and be brought to various databases.  The first I’ve encountered is, where there are a number of lovely oxidisation-firing glaze recipes. These I catalogue below.

Pinks: glossy pink, marblingopalescent pink, marbling.

Blues: darkest cobalt, matt variegated turquoise, translucent matte teal, dark blue pooling watercolour effect, light glossy cyan, light pooling green-blue.

Natasha also mentioned an interest in AR-coding (augmented reality, rather than simply linking technical skills to video or text-image resources…), potentially even sending items to schools as a teaching resource, whereby students would be able to see/hold an item and access the process of its being made in its various stages. This is definitely a longer term project, but is one which simply requires the painstaking documentation of a selection of objects.  One example of this would be similar to how I documented how the shell bowls were finished, except then the videos would include the throwing process, the cutting process, and the glazing too.


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