CSAD: Friday

This week went by in fits and starts. I slept for Wednesday and Thursday because I was really tired from the last two weeks of work experience, and it had finally caught up with me.

Birds keep stopping on this one bit of the wall outside my living room and looking in inquisitively. Earlier a juvenile seagull just stood there for like half a minute while my cat had his head turned away looking at me despite being right next to the window and I gestured to my cat like ‘hey! look, a bird! wow!’ and he just didn’t do anything. it was kind of disappointing. Now the magpie is back.

On Thursday I had a look at the QR codes Matt handed me, codes which had originally been near key objects/areas in the old CSAD building at Howard Gardens.  I checked all of the codes still worked, and will set them up in the correct areas on Monday.  I think I will need a staple gun. The only areas of expertise I found to be missing in terms of codes were those regarding an introduction to plaster, and one regarding kilns/ kiln safety – I do think, however, that this may be entirely intentional, as they require a lot of knowledge and safety information, and require induction work. Probably for the best.


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