Moving forward from Field as a whole

How did Field I and II impact your move back to subject, and your views re: graduation?

Field I helped me to expand my viewpoint on figurative work: I was able to become more closely involved with the body on a more sculptural and tactile level, and I had a chance to explore a different way of uniting the two-dimensional aspect of my work with the three-dimensional one.  Although I chose not to pursue this angle it was an invaluable addition to my knowledge and skill base.

Field II, that is, work experience placements which I had to organise for myself, were without a shadow of a doubt the most helpful aspect of the Field module for me in terms of where I want to go with my career path post-graduation. It helped me to cement the vocational aspect of my desire to teach, of which I am now sure. I got along well with the students at both of my placements (in a Further Educational institution and in one of Higher Education), and felt a great deal of satisfaction at being able to help students on a one-on-one basis as well as in a more general capacity through technician work, though that was a good deal more of a thankless task(!!).

How would you place yourself in the art world now?

I would say that I am now more confident than ever in that I would like to place myself as a teacher and maker, whether that be in a studio environment or in a classroom-studio hybrid model.

What did you learn and what did you take from the experience as a whole (while also evaluating it)?

It gave me a chance to exchange my usual work environment for that of one which was at once alien and familiar. I felt that the learning in situ was invaluable as it helped me (through both aspects of self-knowledge and practical know-how) to evaluate my suitability for such a work environment.  Furthermore, it helped me come to a conclusion and then consolidate my decision as to my Dissertation topic.  It was quite the revelatory experience, while also being what I had expected, and more.


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