Field Summary (PDP ii)

This year for the Field module, I started out with figurative modelling, led by Natasha mayo and Claire Curneen.  I felt I gained a lot of knowledge about how to construct human forms from slabs, thinking about assembling them as if from sewing patterns (incidentally, something of which I already have practice). This was a novel and welcome experience for me.
During this module, we were encouraged to split off into groups where each group worked towards assembling a multi-media piece incorporating everyone’s works to form a harmonious whole. We were also shown how we could apply the spacial knowledge gained from life drawing practice into the creation of three-dimensional clay sculpture.  The differences in the ways in which others worked, as well as their chosen subject matter, meant that the final result was a surprise (though a pleasant one at that) for all involved.

My subject work linked into my field work this year in that the sculptural work I carried out ended up informing the thrown work I later made.  It also emphasised to me the importance of practice: over and over again.

Module 2 of Field for me was work exp.  I wrote about this extensively  during the weeks in which I did it, but to sum it all up – it was incredibly motivating to seriously try my hand at the job I want to do when I finish my degree in a very concentrated stretch of time.  Furthermore, discussing what to write for my dissertation with the teachers at the school really consolidated for me in my mind why I am doing this degree in the first place.  I loved teaching the children and felt it really added to my motivation to do my best.  Carrying out the research for my dissertation proposal only further reinforced this concept in my mind, and has had in turn an influence on my practice: my interest in the tactile and in the potential for a narrative told by a three-dimensional object continues, though it has changed somewhat in its form.

Through having the opportunity to teach (in secondary and in further education), I’ve had the chance to confirm my love for teaching, but especially for teaching children. I was also really relieved to find that the children responded well to my enthusiasm with their own.

Last Thursday I assisted Ian at the Level 4 Field Fair (which we did not have last year because of the teachers’ strike) along with some other students who had also done the work experience module; I had the chance to listen to others’ experiences and to explain and promote to current level 4 students why the W E module is so useful and productive. 


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