Exhibiting at the Ken Stradling Collection

Today we went to Bristol. Real early in the morning. Real early. Early. 

We looked at the collection and took some cute commemorative photos. 

I held a Lucie Rie vase! It was a strange feeling, knowing the object I was holding was so valuable (c. £10k??? Why is it worth more than a year at CSAD??), when it felt the same weight as the work of my contemporaries. It felt so ordinary. I felt like I was close to the maker of the object but also as if it communicated nothing to me at all. As if its voice as an object was… silent. The way that the Collection had swathes of Items™ shelf upon shelf – it felt as if the truly precious things were depreciated by some of the hints which surrounded them. I want my work to feel precious and valuable as an artefact. I want my work to feel important to the owner of the work and for them to treasure it in its multiple ways of communicating its state of being (sensorially). 

I felt on the whole that the visit helped bolster my confidence in my own work. I got to photograph it as if it were in the context of a prized collection of items, and I had the chance to see my work next to those of my peer group too. It was an enjoyable trip.

KS Collection

KS Collection

KS Collection

My work was in reaction to a shelving unit which was no longer on display on any of the three floors of the collection, so it is a reply in a way to the new shelving units which can be similarly adjusted to different heights to accommodate art/ books/ items.

I went through several setups before settling on the one below. 

KS Collection

The full Flickr album can be found here.


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