Action Plan

As to making an artefact for my dissertation, I feel that the Research and Development module will be of great assistance in figuring out the best possible way I can prototype, receive criticism, improve, and prototype again.

My work so far has mostly been centred around tactile experiences, because I experience the world through the lens of sensory hypersensitivity. It frustrates me how with a medium as tactile as ceramics, people are rarely invited to interact with the work.  Through my work, I would like to bring new sensory experiences to people’s lives, but especially to enable young autistic people to bring the way they experience the world into conversation.  Ideally, I would like to open conversation with allistic and neurotypical people about the ways in which they perceive autistic people.

This summer I have been compiling research and reading around and on the subject matter of art and autism, and how the two can work together. In order to make my work, it is important for me to explore the ways in which people experience art, be they autistic or allistic. I need to have control over various skill sets, including but not exclusive to: sewing, needle felting, sculptural ceramics, drawing, and communication. Regarding material properties, I will need to control the visual and tactile aspects of the work I produce, and be aware of the way in which the product of this work impacts various senses of the person interacting with it.  Regarding the research areas on which I will need to touch in order to create a meaningful result, it is important that I contact other autistic people directly, or through organisations such as the National Autistic Society (NAS).  It is also crucial that I work on specific skills such as those mentioned previously, especially communication. I feel it will be of great importance to become a part of the discussion around secondary education, especially that of autistic students, and thus it will be crucial that I speak to both autistic students and their neurotypical peers, as well as teachers who deal with both.  In this way I will be able to ensure that my contribution is meaningful, and one with much research backing it up.



Day 3+: Dissertation Discussion

I was inspired today by some very down-to-earth discussion with the art department staff about autistic students /students with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis (ASD); and how the staff can feel powerless or ignorant of the best ways to help their tutees:  I want to make this my dissertation topic, and have a strong conviction that my work will be of use to teachers and students alike. Continue reading Day 3+: Dissertation Discussion

W6: weekend

On Sunday I had the good fortune to be in London so I went to the House of Illustration to see a small exhibition of Laura Carlin’s work. Photography was forbidden, so I can only really link you to the page and highly reccomment it. 

I’d met Laura before at the Vanguard court Studios (and thought she was AmaZingggg btw) and I know I have photos from back then kicking about on a hard drive. I’m sure of it. I’ll have a root around!

Laura’s work focuses on storytelling, thus connecting it to my line of inquiry in Constellation (Folk/Lore), and her sketchbook, sculpture work, and illustration on the whole pinpoint her as being particularly curious regarding the human form (making her a figure comparable to Claire Curneen in her interdisciplinarity! I love them both to so that probably helps).

I did some drawings while I was there:

Laura Carlin @ house of illustration

Quentin Blake @ house of illustration

Week Six: in which Adrian struggles with existence itself

Monday was cancelled this week due to a scheduling error in which my being ill over the weekend continued quite rudely into the next day. 

On Tuesday, I went to life drawing with Pip which was wonderful and fascinating as ever. I then put details on some small bowls which I have been working on as part of the reaction to an item from the Ken Stradling Collection. The bowls would be put on a shelving unit just of the right dimensions which would make use of the special, flexible nature of the String Shelf. 

On Wednesday I finished the paperwork required for the January Work Experience Field module. Hopefully all will go well. 

On Thursday I threw some bowls. I also poured plaster into the form I’d sewn together (for Field). 

Plaster cast of canvas head

On Friday there was Constellation. The class discussion was interesting, if somewhat sparse, but the tutorial afterwards, with a handful of people, was illuminating in giving me the push I needed to start thinking about what direction I wanted to take my essay. So far I’m thinking of: Lore and Folk knowledge vs Science kind of a thing. 

Constellation PDP

[This PDP is filed under both Subject and Constellation]

The core of my blog centres around my Subject work, and my SWOT analysis of the Field module covers my views regarding that, whereas with this PDP it’s about the entire module: this term’s and last term’s constellation work, the essays I wrote in response to them, and how it affected my course/subject work overall.

Continue reading Constellation PDP