Field Summary (PDP ii)

This year for the Field module, I started out with figurative modelling, led by Natasha mayo and Claire Curneen.  I felt I gained a lot of knowledge about how to construct human forms from slabs, thinking about assembling them as if from sewing patterns (incidentally, something of which I already have practice). This was a […]

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The QR codes went up

(eventually!!) This mini project at CSAD is linked to both subject and field for me, as it is about glazes/ the glaze room (including practical skills), efficient communication (teaching skills), and administrative skills (computing). Though at first I struggled to find the relevance of the task to my desire for practical, hands-on assistance, I came […]

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CSAD: Friday

This week went by in fits and starts. I slept for Wednesday and Thursday because I was really tired from the last two weeks of work experience, and it had finally caught up with me. Birds keep stopping on this one bit of the wall outside my living room and looking in inquisitively. Earlier a […]

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Working at CSAD: Resources

For Subject, I’m still investigating the different celadon recipes; there’s a┬áreduction firing on Friday, so I will receive some of my glazed work a week from now!!!! GOOD HEAVENS!!! I am currently working on a resource whereby students can scan a QR code in the department, and be brought to various databases. ┬áThe first I’ve […]

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Working at CSAD: helping

On Monday I helped Martin in the Artist Designer Maker department but cutting squares out of glossy card and assembling them, so that he could have multiple examples of interesting paper-based light fixtures. It was a very time-consuming thing, and a lot of very focus-heavy work to cut the measured squares from the large sheets […]

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