Life Drawing 2

Yesterday felt like another productive day at life drawing.  I’m glad that I feel that way about it, because the campus is closed today and tomorrow due to the extreme weather warning (it’s MARCH, come on!). I enjoy how the skin, though pale green here, still feels naturalistic. Here I used continuous line. Through the […]

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Life Drawing 1

This week I was over the moon to be able to get back to Life Drawing. Below are some of my favourite images from those that I produced this week. I believe the foreshortening in this image was highly successful, as well as the sense of weight. I really enjoyed the confidence of the line […]

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Concept work

I worked into this concept piece some more today I’m pleased with the results and I think that the weighting of the lines makes it an improvement on the previous version (below).

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experimental drawing

Following the mysterious cancellation of the Wednesday life drawing, I decided to do some experimental drawing related to my practice during the time I would usually have spent doing the former activity. This resulted in some images of trees and some abstract colour work.

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Claire tutorial II

previous slab building work I spoke with Claire about the developments I had made relating to surface texture in my work, and the technique that Duncan had discussed with the glue-gun and the grit blaster. I showed her the results of this, and also the recent work I had been getting back to on the […]

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