Throwing ii

Practicing throwing these new kinds of forms, specifically focusing on the distinction between the ribbed surface and the smooth surface near the neck and the foot (to be turned later).


V&A: Kneebone’s Sculptures

I went to the Victoria and Albert museum today and I saw some really fascinating sculptures by Rachel Kneebone in response to the museum itself. 

This one was in response to the cast of Trajan’s column. I think it brings to the fore the physicality of the carnage which war is and was.


Though the work did not appeal to me on an aesthetic or academic level, I could understand the narrative which Kneebone was weaving through the work in situ. It certainly made me, and others, go in search of the works with which RK’s sculptures were in conversation.

Overall, a good way to entice visitors to travel around the museum’s ground floor in search of RK’s sculptural work, and enjoying the many wonderful objects on display along the way.



did some visual research. ┬áThese are only two collages out of a total of about …nine, I think???

They are large enough whereby all artists’ names are legible!!!
first collage second collage

I wrestled with adobe illustrator today and now have a pretty decent grasp of it; I also now know that there are programs which I have already been using previously which are by far more practical.

I had my tutorial with Claire yesterday, which I felt was productive in moving my subject work forwards.