formative PDP

Context: Went to Collect in London (album) (related post) Skill: talked about Takeshi Yasuda with Claire and technique for throwing a more unusual vessel. Tutorial A, Tutorial B. Skill: made some pots, Turned the pots (post pending) Context: how life drawing continues to directly influence my practice Context: helped out with the Jitka Palmer Workshop […]

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Life Drawing (iii) & Discussion

Life drawing continues to directly influence my practice: the importance of the fluidity of line (such as in the first image) translates to the importance I place on the way in which a form communicates the way in which it was made on the wheel, and the way in which I would like people to […]

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Jitka Palmer Workshop

Today I helped out with the setup of the Jitka Palmer Workshop (album) (above) Images of bison in one of her sketchbooks (above) Jitka gave a presentation on Neolithic people and on their representations of Bounty/Venus/Women. The attendees from South Wales Potters painted the ‘Venus’ shaped forms Jitka had brought, with the slips she had made. […]

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Life Drawing 2

Yesterday felt like another productive day at life drawing.  I’m glad that I feel that way about it, because the campus is closed today and tomorrow due to the extreme weather warning (it’s MARCH, come on!). I enjoy how the skin, though pale green here, still feels naturalistic. Here I used continuous line. Through the […]

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The full collection of photographs I took can be found in the corresponding Flickr album. I have picked out my favourites below; I chose them for how they influenced my thinking regarding the direction of my own work. paper-craft work by a Japanese artist in rice paper – excellent surface More papercraft work, this time with […]


Life Drawing 1

This week I was over the moon to be able to get back to Life Drawing. Below are some of my favourite images from those that I produced this week. I believe the foreshortening in this image was highly successful, as well as the sense of weight. I really enjoyed the confidence of the line […]

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Concept work

I worked into this concept piece some more today I’m pleased with the results and I think that the weighting of the lines makes it an improvement on the previous version (below).

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