tiles, images

This is a HUGE matrix of tile images I put together to demonstrate successful use of the tile as a medium for narrative and illustration. The tiles are all sourced from a book entitled “The Art of Tile”; I brought this book with me to Switzerland as a teaching aid and as a potential source […]

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Contextualising: Wedgewood

The relief works of large bone china-using company Wedgewood have had considerable influence on my practice this year; drawing from the process the company use to make small relief sections for their teapots (press- or slip-casting small parts to affix to the larger whole), I have been using carved plaster to make my porcelain surface […]

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William Morris: case study

The illustrative work of Morris (& Co.) and his associates has been of great influence, sending ripples still today into the design of textiles, wallpaper, and tile. The ethos of Morris is still strong today, “If you’re going to have something functional, be sure it is beautiful” though perhaps it is felt less due to […]

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Life Drawing & Development

After several warm-up drawings (below), I was ready to challenge myself and have a go at painting a rather… larger (A1!!) watercolour image than on the scale with which I am usually accustomed (A3)…  Please enjoy the little journey on which I shall take you. As usual, the quality of line achievable with a mechanical […]

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Theo Humphries: Ethos

What’s the substance of your work? My work is about a surface: the decorative ways in which we communicate meaning to both ourselves and to others though ceramics. I want to create a sense of narrative in the interpretation of my work: the audience is invited to engage with it through both tactile and visual […]

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Day …6?!

A lot of good things happened today! We went around the class, gathering group feedback on everyone’s personal highlight of the week and what each student felt could be improved upon, as well as what they felt had been most successful. “My highlight was the pot I centred myself. I liked having a quiet classroom […]

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Teaching day 5

This morning, when Lola asked me how she might go about putting a handle onto her recently-thrown mug, I suggested that she ask Luci for direction with it, as I had previously taught her how to do so. Maria was very pleased that I was encouraging the students to learn from each other as well […]

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