Matt tutorial I

I brought the set of tiles which I had glazed with the transparent glaze recipe (+copper oxide).  Matt and I spoke of how the surface detail, in relief, is nicely picked out by the glaze when it is applied quite thickly, and the importance of constantly stirring the mix when glazing with it (it is […]

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comparing results

Here I am comparing the results of the initial life drawing to the final result of the glazed tiles with the replica life drawing. See the previous visual comparison post. for a reference to how the image looked before it was glazed.  I think I prefer the way that the depth shows in the finished version above.  Although […]

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Dissertation PDP

The main challenge I faced in writing my dissertation was that of time.  I spent approximately two months on reading alone, in and around my subject of choice, namely, on art, autism and the ways in which the two could be linked.  I began collating the data that I had found, in order to make […]

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Claire tutorial I

Today I discussed with course tutor Claire Curneen the direction of my practice this term, including the work I did on my dissertation artefact, as that had spilled over into my work in the winter term before the break; it was still affecting my work, and I felt I had come to a sudden impasse […]

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Duncan: Relief Trees

The following images show a process developed by our very own Duncan Ayscough where you use a glue-gun to make a pattern on a bisqued slab of clay; he described it as a development of the application of shellac on greenware, where you remove clay with a sponge. This is essentially the dry version of […]

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The above image is intended as a visual follow-up from this post, and its predecessor (in which the illustration on paper is originally shown), in which I listed and analysed the most appealing use of line and the way in which I intended to translate it onto tile.

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