Tx2: Further development

After looking at the works mentioned previously, I sketched out some ideas (picture from one of my sketchbooks).  These are most relevant for Tx2, but I think drawing forms on my bowls will be more relevant for my ‘Many a Slip’ project.

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Helping Out i

This evening I stayed in the department in order to better understand how an evening class works – and to give Margo a hand with it. Earlier in the day I’d been to the Mingle event, where she explained to me the way that the ten-week course in structured and held. The course is currently […]

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Current Inspiration

Re-examining the strengths in my current body of work, I think that it would be interesting for me to transpose my life drawing from paper onto clay. I could use the new techniques I learnt from Anne Gibbs’s workshops (posts one and two) on using traditional monoprinting techniques on ceramic surfaces. 

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