O W L S ! ! !

Last night I went to Wild Life Drawing’s Owlet event. It was an amazing experience!! Photo album on Flickr can be accessed through the photo below.  I’ll get to draw the owls again three weeks from now, at the next stage in their growth, and then again one final time six weeks from now. . […]

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Fruition: IKEA Project

I received today a congratulatory message from a friend of mine in Illustration who had seen my plates at the Cardiff IKEA.  I’m very excited to see them myself, but won’t actually be in Cardiff for a while yet.

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the little sad house

A while ago we had a go at processing our own clay.  I had some from Italy, but the stuff was practically unworkable.  So I tried to use it all in one go.  I made a little house, and I didn’t fire it for the longest time.  It seemed to be doing pretty well.  However, […]

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